Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Poster

The new poster for the upcoming Fast and Furious 6 movie is really basic. The movie is the sixth and final installment of hugely popular franchise. The movie stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez. The teaser trailer was first shown on the half time SuperBowl spot along with the new IronMan 3 and the new Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The 2 poster shows both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, standing next to their car on an empty and deserted  highway looking into the horizon. Right next to them, there is the caption 'All roads lead to this', this concretes the fact that this is the final movie. In the poster, the camera seems to be on the floor with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the centre of the poster. Their clothes are very casual, and also their body language. Paul Walker seems to be leaning on his car with his hands in his pockets, whereas Vin Diesel seems to be more serious, almost seems to be walking towards something or even someone. There have been speculations that Vin Diesel's characters "Dom", his girlfriend, who seems to have died in the fourth movie, she returns but against Dom. Maybe she is the person that Vin Diesel is going towards and Paul Walker is just leaning back and just observing.

The cars the two are leaning on are muscle cars, Paul Walkers car is Blue and Vin Diesel's car is red. Blue is associated with trust and peace and loyalty and integrity, this is very much like the character of Paul Walker, Brian who was an ex-cop (suggesting the peace and integrity) and has been with 'Dom' since the beginning and is always helping him out (matching with trust and loyalty). Vin Diesel's car is coloured red, which may indicate they are ready to take action, or they may be passionate about what they are going to be doing, or again it may mean that they are feeling angry. This definitely matches 'Doms' character, he feels passionate about knowing his girlfriend is still live, he is ready to take action (his body language shown in the poster) and also feeling angry for what his girlfriend (who is played by Michelle Rodriguez) 'Letty' is still alive.

 The background of the poster is very basic, it is very bright sunny day with the blue sky with only white puffy clouds there. As the sky and the ground join, the horizon is practically white and you can't see it, this is maybe a connected to the movie as the people don't what will happen with the situation of 'Dom' and 'Letty'.

The reason the poster works well is because of the simplicity of it, there are only the main character(s) and their cars on an empty road. I was thinking that we could do something like that for our film poster, for example, we could do something like our two main characters (me and Ainsley) just on an empty road to symbolise their tight friendship or their vast complex simplicity of their situation.

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