Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Dark Knight Rises Alternate Poster

This is the poster of the final Batman film made by Christopher Nolan. The poster composes a protagonist of the film Bane, the villain, walking away from the front of the poster. This creates a sense of mystery from the character as the audience is unable to see his face and he leaves no signs to what kind of person he is. The poster also consists of a broken batman mask which Bane is walking away from which indicates to the audience that Bane has something to do with the batman mask being broken. Also, the mask being broken has also indicated that the Batman is either defeated or even killed by the Bane character. This effect is helped by the dark, gloomy, rainy background chosen as it creates a negative mood for the audience and adds to the indication of a bad ending for the Batman. The poster also has a phrase composed in the top centre of the poster adding on to the negative effect of this poster as it states ' The legend Ends'. From this poster we could use the gloomy atmosphere used as the background as in our film, we have a gloomy and revengeful atmosphere which is like the one created by this poster. 

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