Sunday, 17 November 2013

Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer & Poster

This is the teaser trailer and poster for the new 'cult-comedy' AnchorMan: The Legend Continues. The first film, directed by Adam McKay (2004) and starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carrel. Even though the film was made in 2004, it is a tongue-in-cheek take on the culture of the 1970's, particularly on the new 'action-news' format. The film is #100 on Bravos '100 Funniest Films' and #113 on Empires Greatest Films of all Time.

The teaser trailer starts with a very patriotic voice over, with 4 character walking in front of big stage lights to create a silhouette effect, suggesting that this new film has a new set of characters, which would be very upsetting for the fans of the fist film as Will Ferrell and others made the film famous. There is a long stretched out deep tone with sounds of numerous footsteps walking in sync towards the camera. As they get closer the body shape of the characters become more prominent. The camera cuts to shot of their shoes, still in silhouette, as they stop, the colour is shown (just like image of the poster). This has the audience wondering who the 4 characters are. The camera cuts to medium-close up of Will Ferrell saying 'Hey America, did you miss my hot breath in your ear?'. This breaks the tension with some comedy one liners, the next few shots show all the original character all talking about what's we are going to expect from the film. Every line each character say has comedic feel to it. When it comes to Steve Carrell's turn he says 'And now its my turn to talk...', the people who have seen the previous film would know that his character hardly says anything but plays more a 'Charlie Chaplin' character, he was very clumsy. He was also not a bright character, this is shown in the trailer as he just stares at camera with a blank expression and his colleagues just look at him annoyed. Will Ferrell cuts in his normal voice and says 'Look its gonna be a fun movie' and then shows the tittle of the film with a background full of stage lights, suggesting that the film is going to be almost 'Hollywood-sheeque' and very glitzy and glamour. The trailer ends with Will Ferrell back in character saying 'Its time to do all over again, but this time I'm on top'. The use of this sexual innuendo was what made the character of Will Ferrell and the movie famous, and the fact that he is sipping what maybe tea, from a cup with their channels '#4' logo, which many ans of the first movie would remember.

The poster is very basic and doesn't give that much away about the film; it is still image from part of the teaser trailer. It shows 4 people in suits and shoes (which are not in your formal or normal colours, this gives it a comedic touch). They seem to be standing on a stage, as there are stage lights all around them, and the floor looks to be very polished as you can see their vague reflection on the floor. There are no actor’s producers or directors names around the poster, it is very basic it just says 'AnchorMan: The Legend Continues' in gold block capital; this is almost matches the old school 'SuperMan' comic book covers. This may be a comical way of saying that Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell's character) is coming back in 2013 to save the audience.

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