Friday, 29 November 2013

Star Trek, J.J. Abrams Issue Analysis.

The new and highly anticipated Star Trek: Into Darkness was the big talk in the most recent Empire issue. This magazine cover breaks the conventions for majority of magazine covers as it opens out to a long poster. 

The magazine cover is entirely based on the Star Trek movie, it has the futuristic city in the background, with the 4 main character in the front. The colour of 'Empire' is a similar if not almost the same colour as Chris Pine's (Who plays Captain Kirk) top. From the magazine cover, the audience can already tell who the good and bad guys are. Benedict Cumberbatch's character John Harris is in very dark lighting and can just about see his facial expression, whereas the other 3 characters you see very clearly. It is very rare that you see a female character on the front cover who isn’t a 'damsel in distress'. Also, there are no other promotions for new upcoming films, just a few small mentions of them at the bottom. The main eye-catching text is the J.J. Abrams in the same colour as the 'Empire'. It is written that this issue of Empire is dedicated to J.J. Abrams, says that 'How a film became the most powerful director in the galaxy'. This is a big claim as it is saying that he is bigger that Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Michael Bay.
Also, following the conventions of Empire magazine, at the bottom it tells us news of 'The New Star Wars', Empire always link in upcoming movies with the main movie in the front cover, especially if they are in the same genre. Star Trek and Star Wars are similar genres, Sci-Fi.
We could use the idea of having an exclusive poster with all the actors from our film into a poster only available for selected Empire Magazines. This would increase our audience range as Empire is the most bought film magazine, so by many people buying the magazine and a few people getting the exclusive long poster, there’s a chance they might be tempted to go out and watch the film. 

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