Sunday, 17 November 2013

Empire Magazine's 'The Hobbit' Posters

Due to the big buzz of Peter Jackson's new big blockbuster 'The Hobbit', Empire Online released 5 limited edition magazines covers in 3D showing the 5 main characters. The movie is a prequel to the very famous and popular Lord of the Rings franchise. In the posters, the audience can only see the main characters in their environment, the colour scheme of the posters emphasise the type of character they are. For example, Bilbo Baggins colour scheme is natural, maybe to show his type of character, Gollum's colour scheme is very dark, again to show his dark character and the Princess's colour scheme is white to show purity. These poster break the original conventions of the 'Empire' text in front of the characters, in this case the text is behind the character again emphasising the importance of the character. The business behind the 5 different posters is also very unique, as this is the first time that Empire have released 5 different posters that cost 6.99 (pounds), and if you check online, already 2 of the 5 have been sold out, showing that the film's key demographic have really shown an interest in the film and the posters.

Even though our film is not related this film, nor the type of genre, this advertising technique is influencing my group to produce 3 different movie posters. Since our film is focusing on 2 boys, we thought that we could make 2 posters focusing on the individual and the third one with the final confrontation at the end. We got this idea from the 'The Dark Knight Rises' posters. There are many individual posters with the main protagonist and then the final with only Batman, Catwoman and Bane, as shown below:

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